Grown in vineyards planted on chalky-clay soils with Baga grapes. Vinified through a slight pressure, in a vacuum press to obtain a juice yield that doesn't exceed 60%.

It is followed by a fermentation in stainless steel vats. As the second fermentation occurs inside the bottle, the wine matures three to nine months on the lees before the necessary procedures to finish it, to reach the client in its best conditions.

Ideal wine to accompany several menus from which we enhance the roasted suckling pig, even if accompanied with orange, since the inexistence of tannins doesn't collide with the citric taste of the orange.

It also harmonizes with fish, shellfish, roasted meats in the oven, due to its high acidity that balances the tastes of those delicacies. It should be served at 8ºC to avoid destroying the flavour of the grape.