Maria Gomes Método Antigo
Sparkling White 2013

The oldest process in preparing the sparkling wine was not the Classic Method, but the Rural Method or the Old Method (in direct translation from the French). The reason is related to the existence of a stopper - the cork stopper - which is produced from the cork tree that exists only in the Mediterranean climate.

This Old Method uses only one fermentation and not two, as in the Classic one. The grapes for its preparation must have sugar content as a white wine and not as a sparkling, because it has NO sugar addition in their development process. All the used sugar in the process is natural, was completely produced by the vine. Initially, the must is fermented in stainless steel vats making the end of the fermentation in the bottle, in order to create gas with a pressure equivalent to that of the Classic Method.

The final wine presents the fermentation flavors, which were entrapped.